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About Us

At ICT Consultants Kenya, we specialize in technological and IT-related services. We have been specializing in Cyber Security services and solutions since 2008 . We have diversified in services and skills portfolio to become regional leaders in PCI services, Security Solutions, Managed Cyber Security Services, Cyber Security Trainings and System Audits. Because of these expertise, more than one hundred corporates and other organizations in Kenya, East and Central Africa, seek assistance from us, a Cyber 1 Company, to ensure that their mission critical systems and information are secure.


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    Our Mission

    We implement tools , systems, and use our own Cyber knowledge in ways that makes the complex situations of our clients' compliance, audit, risk and security requirements, producing effective organizational and technological solutions that are tailored to their specific needs, help them develop cyber resilience and protect their Systems

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    Our Vision

    To be a global leader in Cyber security solutions and safeguarding the infrastructure of our Possessions, Our CLIENTS

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    Our Core Values
    1. Agility - responding quickly to new and emerging threats .
    2. Continuous Learning - sharing the acquiring  knowledge for the good of our CLIENTS and the industry.
    3. Collaborative- working with our clients and other players in the industry to create value.
    4. Innovative We continually put our expertise and creativity to work to making investments that safeguard our future and our clients' future.

    5. Accountable: recommending only those solutions we believe right for our clients.


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    Our Promise
    We help you Harnessing the best defense for your critical data and IP and Your people.

Looking for Cyber SecurityInfo-SecAuditData ProtectionCyber Security Training Employee Cyber Security Awareness Program Consulting?

ICS Security Assessment

We combine specific tests with traditional penetration testing to cover all components and types of infrastructure.

Information Systems Audit

We help determine whether information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity and operating effectively to achieve an organization’s goals

Vulnerability Assessment

Our auditors carefully review the results to ‘sift out’ false positives, and check whether a vulnerability exists and action needs to be taken.

Systems Security Assessment

The assessment’s purpose is to identify vulnerabilities in the application, estimate the probability of them being exploited, and provide a risk profile for the components.

Employees Cyber Security Awareness

Your employees need cybersecurity training to protect themselves and the company against cyber attacks. By making employees aware of security threats, how they might present, and what procedures to follow when a threat is identified, you’re strengthening the most vulnerable links in the chain.

Why Should We Train Your Employees ?

The argument for educating employees on cybersecurity is a simple one: if employees don’t know how to recognize a security threat, how can they be expected to avoid it, report it or remove it? They can’t.

Security Awareness Topics

Most important topics your security awareness employee training should include;

  • Different forms of cybersecurity threats
  • Password security
  • Email, internet, and social media policies
  • The protection of company data
  • How to identify and report cybersecurity threats

Top tactics and best practices for cybersecurity training for employees

  • Make cybersecurity training mandatory for new employees
  • Update and repeat training regularly
  • Give employees a cape
  • when it comes to cybersecurity training for employees, the only question left to be asked is, are you doing enough?
  • Improve your employee, partner and customer training with our enterprise-ready learning sessions

Use this training to help employeesbecome aware of unexplained errors, spam content, and legitimate antivirus warnings.

Then, educate them on the process they should follow to report these red flags, as well as the right people to talk to about suspicions of a cyber attack.


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